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BIoGEORGE BG4 Biofilm Growth Detector

Know Your System Is Clean


Master Real-Time Biofilm
Monitoring with the BG4

Topics include:

  • How the biofilm sensor works
  • New BG4 features
  • BGMobile App
  • Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring (environmental and cost)

Monitor Biofilm Growth on Surfaces

The BIoGEORGE BG4 Biofilm Growth Detector system monitors growth online, in real-time, allowing optimization of biocide chemical treatment. Maximize the effectiveness of biocide treatments and treatment schedules, ensuring prevention of microbiological growth buildup and avoiding excess biocide. BG4 helps users reduce cost, avoid unnecessary environmental burdens, and decrease microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).

Monitor Growth

Monitor Biofilm Activity to Reduce, Prevent, or Eliminate Growth.

Click Here to see how the BG4 system connects assets throughout the plant.

Maximize Treatments

Optimize Biocide Chemical Treatments by Tracking Biofilm Growth Instead of the Concentration of Biocide Chemicals.

Click Here to see how you can Maximize Treatments with BG4

Monetize Assets

Lower Biocide Chemical Dosing Costs, Reduce Repair and Replacement Costs for System Components and Operate Water Systems More Efficiently.

Click HERE to learn how you can save with BG4

BG4 Enables Asset Risk Management

Assets’ face risk when colonies of bacterial growth on wetted surfaces form into biofilms overtime. Unchecked biofilm growth inhibits thermal efficiency and allows for the development of microbiologically influence corrosion (MIC). MIC is localized corrosion that develops on surfaces where biofilms grow.

Biofilm Growth Online, Real-Time Reporting

BG4 includes an analyzing software, BG Connect, and a phone/tablet App, BGMobile, providing data sets, customizable graphs, and shareable reports to make understanding the chemical treatment program effectiveness easy!


What does real-time biofilm monitoring look like?


BG4 System components and connectivity

What's Included

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