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Webinar – Master Real-Time Biofilm Monitoring with the BG4

Webinar Title: Master Real-Time Biofilm Monitoring with the BG4
Original Date: Tuesday, May 11th 2021

Description: Learn how the BIoGEORGE™ BG4 Biofilm Growth Detector system and BGMobile App empowers users to monitor the activity of biofilm on wetted surfaces online and in real-time to optimize chemical usage and realize significant cost savings.

Topics include:

  •           How the biofilm sensor works
  •           New BG4 features
  •           BGMobile App
  •           Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring (environmental and cost)

Presenter: Ed Dougherty

Mr. Dougherty has over a decade of experience in the areas of nuclear water chemistry and systems support. At SI, Mr. Dougherty manages areas of water chemistry assessments, condensate polishing, ion exchange resins, and septa, service water treatment, raw water treatment, and biofilm detection. He contributes to conceptual designs for nuclear power plant system upgrades, including participation in process flowsheet development, specifications, and interfacing with vendors and fabricators. He performs evaluations of water cleanup systems that utilize filter demineralizes and deep bed demineralizers. Mr. Dougherty also manages the BIoGEORGETM Biofilm Growth Detector product line offered by SI.

Working with utility clients, he has performed chemistry and engineering assessments that have helped promote optimization of plant operating practices. He has additionally co-authored dozens of EPRI publications and research projects related to the nuclear power industry. Mr. Dougherty graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with an M.S. in Chemical Engineering.

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