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Biofilms? MIC? What Are They?

Has the heat conversion efficiency of your heat exchangers degraded? Is the flow of your cooling water system being impeded? Are you repairing or replacing equipment due to localized corrosion causing through-wall failure? Inefficiencies and equipment failures are big problems…

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BIoGeorge BG4 Brochure

BG4 biofilm growth detection system is a modern approach to monitoring the effectiveness of a biocide treatment program to ensure adequate application of biocide for system health. Download Brochure

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BIoGeorge BG4 Specifications

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: The BIoGEORGE BG4 Biofilm Growth Detector system, originally developed for and proven in power plant cooling water systems, monitors biofilm activity on the surface of a stainless steel or titanium probe continuously and in real time. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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