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Lower Biocide Chemical Dosing Costs, Reduce Repair and Replacement Costs for System Components and Operate Water Systems More Efficiently.

Conclusions from Large Coal-Fired Plant Chemist, Dave Brumfield

“I am pleased with the information that we are getting on the towers and RO inlet.”
“Towers are clean and we know how to keep them clean.”
“The old ATP’s or other methods could not provide this control.”
“we have not used Oxidizing Biocide on the tower since Aug 1, 2006.”

  • 2005 cost for bleach and biocide = $186,000
  • 2006 cost for bleach and biocide = $156,000
  • 2007 cost for bleach, NO biocide = $138,000

Savings in chemical costs alone is $48,000/year

Annual Savings

Cost in 2005: $
Cost in 2006: $
Cost in 2007: $



Conclusions for Small Coal Fired Plant-2

  • Even though monitoring showed that “summer” begins in ~February and the plant chlorinates more days per year, it also showed that fewer minutes of chlorination were required per year
  • Monitoring permitted an optimized chemical treatment, saving the plant $10,000 per year in chemical costs alone
  • Monitoring project justified an upgrade in biocide delivery equipment (eductor system vs. metering pumps)

Conclusions Gas Fired Plant

  • Stabilized liquid bromine provided excellent control
  • Biofilm monitoring demonstrated that with proper dosing the same level of control could be achieved with far less of the bromine product
  • Biofilm and other (e.g., scale) monitoring resulted in >50% reduction in cost with no loss of performance
  • Subsequent optimizations have produced ~90% reductions in cost

Conclusions – Chemical Processing Plant

  • Biofilm monitoring demonstrated a clear contribution of biofilms
  • Supplemental biocide injection points were added
  • Dramatically reduced carbon steel corrosion rates and no more HX failures
  • Biofilm and corrosion monitoring helped to optimize treatment, including:

    • Increased usage of biocide
    • Corrosion inhibitors
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